Visa Consultancy

Procedure & Requirements:
Procedure / Requirements for malaysia
Visa consultancy

Required Documents

  1. Passport with 9 months validity from the date of arrival back in India
  2. Proper visa form
  3. 2 Recent photos 35 x 45 mm,80% face appearance, white background , Matt Finish(As per Singapore Style)
  4. Proper Original Live Issued Ticket with E-ticket number
  5. Covering letter on Company Letter Head or Personal Covering letter
  6. Blank passport holders & First Time Traveler are required to provide ORIGINAL 3 months updated Personal Bank Statement (ORIGINAL PASSBOOK NOT ACCEPTED) Bank seal and Signature has to be stamped on the copy of the statement Or 3 years Personal Income tax copy with notary & true Copy of SEM or Old Passport if well traveled in it.
  7. For outstation issued passport we need Leave License Agreement and Letter from the company on company's letterhead with the address of the passenger mentioned on it OR three additional proof like MGL (Mahanagar Gas Limited)/Telephone Bill/Mobile Bill/Electricity Bill/IT Returns and any other Government Proof etc.
  8. Letter of Business invitation in addition to above documents.(for business visa)

Time Taken

5 Working days at the VFS